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The USEL Students' Science Society is a constituent club of the USEL Students' Union. With our motto Unity Through Participation, we strive to reach out to all Science students in participating in our events and create a united Science identity. We aim to do our best in fulfilling our core values of catering to the welfare of Science students, promoting school vibrancy, and ensuring an enjoyable experience in the Faculty of Science.

The Student`s Scientific Society organizes the academic meetings, conferences, seminars and lectures, educational scientific research of the students of the University, stimulates the development of the scientific mind and ability of the students, and also promotes the growth of the authority and the educational scientific potential of USEL.

The society offers its members the opportunity to listen to interesting and talented speakers who are at the forefront of their field. The talks are intended to be of general scientific interest, and are usually chosen for their prominence in popular science or the news, or for their entertainment value.

We also organise free or subsidized visits to places of scientific interest. 

Members of student academic company participate in different competitions organized in the republic and academic meetings, course of studies and seminars.

During many decades the company took a great role as a public organization and subdivision of USEL University. During his activity the company assisted the training of personnel, organized many academic meetings, conferences, seminars and lectures.

Welcome to our Science Family!!!