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Student Council

For students' self-realization it is very important to have a platform where each of them can present and realize his/her ideas. 

Being inspired with belief that students learn and develop not only in the classroom, but also by their activities in social life, the USEL university is strongly supporting Student Council initiatives. 

The USEL university student council has a large contribution in providing rich and interesting student life. 

The Main purpose of student council formation is students and graduates avtivation in public life, as well as quality assurance and organization of the learning process. 

     For the realization of the main purpose student council is solving the following problems:

  • Presentation of the interests of students and graduates to university`s management body.
  • Discovery and development of cultural and entrepreneurial potential of students and graduates.
  • Creation of conditions for social situation improvement of students and graduates, as well as solving their social problems.
  • Development of team work skills among students and graduates.
  • Relationship statement and consolidation with Armenian and foreign universities and youth organizations.
  • Maintenance of relationship within University alumni network.

The scope of events organized by USEL university student council is diverse, including monthly awards, contests, profession-aligned professional symposiums and olympiads, round tables and discussions. 

USEL University student council is also involved in Youth Center activities which include student councils of private universities. Moreover, USEL representative is presenting the Center in frames of the cooperation with the other universities. That proves the fact that USEL University student council's high prestige is valued by other universities. 

Dear Student!

If you are proactive and ready to make your university life full of impressions, we will be happy if you join us. 

For becoming a member of the student council you are welcome to fill in the application and send it to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 

We are waiting for you!