Usel University

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USEL University is the successor of Grigor Zohrap University (was renamed as USEL (University of Sciences, Economy and Law) in 2006 with new leadership and staff).

Grigor Zohrap was founded in 1991 by Rafik Petrosyan (Professor, member of RF Humanities Academy of Sciences, author of 110 scientific papers), who has the greatest experience in the field of education.

The main goal of University foundation was the following: to prepare professionals in the educational process who will be able to be engaged in productive activities in the socio-economic, scientific, cultural and other fields, according to their specialty and knowledge gained in their country or abroad. 

One of the most important issue of all the times of the University was to ensure educational program training level enough for students and graduates to be able to go through combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, to solve scientific, legal, socio-economic, cultural and other problems and strongly promote economic development and prosperity both being employed in governmental or private sector or starting their own profitable business. 

Since the educational program of the University foundation was based on the idea of preservation and development of the best native traditions in the field of education and training, the educational process of the basic documents were prepared taking into account European and American experience and achievements in a higher educational field.

 University teaching staff was completed by over 100 professors having different scientific titles and degrees, such as associate professor T. Barseghyan, Professor R. Petrosyan, professor G. Ghazinyan, professor N. Ayvazyan, professor G. Gharakhanyan, associate professor A. Iskoyan, academician G. Jahukyan and many others. 

Along with the educational activities many lecturers, professors and scientists of the University key personnel were engaged in research activities and during years of work at the University they became the authors of such papers as:

v "Republic of Armenia civil law" by ass. professor T. Barseghyan, 2000.

v "Republic of Armenia constitutional law" by professor N. Ayvazyan and others, 2000.

"Inheritance law" by professor G. Gharakhanyan, 2000.

v "Roman private law" by ass. professor L. Babalyan, 2000.

v "Collection of environmental legislation" by ass. professor A. Iskoyan, 1999.

v "Do we need to change our grammar" by academician G. Jahukyan, 1996.

v "Living standards of population in RA. The actual problems of economy and entrepreneurship development in Armenia" by academician G. Gharibyan, 1998.

v "Transition period regulation concepts" by professor V. Toroyan, 1997.

v "Technique rehabilitation in emergency conditions" by ass. professor M. Mkrdumyan, 1998.

Since the first years of foundation frequently organized and productive scientific, recreational, cultural gatherings and events which contributed to the modern methods of building strong communication between students and professors became tradition for the University. 

 USEL welcomes the progress in art, and therefore encourages the submission of samples of the best classic literature through moderntechnological solutions. In particular, the University supported to publish two audio books - "The fifth season" by Paruyr Sevak and "The love songs" by Vahan Teryan, witch aimed to enhance Armenian poetry recognition among the youth. 

A special importance was always given to youth involvement in scientific activities, to to instill the proper attitude toward scientific and technical work among students, to the promotion and evaluation of their results.

 In addition to Student Council, the University has a Student Scientific Society which contributes to the Scientific Research Sector. The Society is engaged in productive research activities, organizes seminars, conferences, supports students in preparation of articles and papers. The efforts of the Society are aimed at instilling and developing an individual creative work among students, scientific research preparation which are the first steps for future specialists in getting skills and experience in searching information, primary processing, analyzing, summarizing the scientific conclusion and that's why these papers receive the proper attention and appropriate evaluation. 

University's effective initiatives in applicant selection, the strong cooperation between student and professor, between professor and parent as well as the willful-disciplinary behavior of the students are strong guarantees for the steady growth in demand of our graduates in labor market. Some of the graduates are directly invited to work in those organizations, which are conducted internships or festive events. 

In all stages of its activities the University had and has modern computer equipped cabinets, llanguage laboratory, and a library full of rich literature, photo and criminalistics labs.

 Being the successor of the University with has such a rich history, USEL University retains the traditional principles and approaches in developing and educating students. 

Since today the USEL University development main directions have been:

v Complex measures aimed at improving educational activities.

v Raising the level of training and improvement of graduates and researchers.

v Technical base update and upgrade.

v Expanding and developing research and methodological work initiated in frames of main                  scientific directions.

v Improvement and expansion of the publishing activities.

v Expansion and development of cooperation with domestic and foreign educational                          institutions.